It turns out that shortly after being in the East, xiaozhuoma's father went to houzang, and the family moved to Yadong mountain. Now Zhuoma is a junior majoring in environmental science! Why didn't Zhuoma write to Shenzhen? Zhuoma said that it's from the Tibetans: everyone who comes to the snow mountain is our most sincere friend, and we can save them with our own lives; but when a friend leaves the snow mountain, we don't take the initiative to contact. This is how Tibetans live for generations! The East said he would pay Zhuoma medical expenses, but he couldn't open his mouth - he couldn't treat Zhuoma in the way of ordinary people, he was worried about meeting her. Between him and Zhuoma is the most beautiful and sincere! The East talked to Zhuoma about his experience of searching for them in Tibet for many times, and took out a thick picture album on which all the pictures were Zhuoma in his heart The intelligent Zhuoma blushed, and she said with tears, "elder brother, I can't imagine you are such a kind and righteous Anduo man! In fact, a few years ago, Zhuoma, a young man, admired the east very much. Because he was able to drive a motorcycle into the snow mountain alone! He was injured but he never cried for pain or homesickness. There was endless fun in his mouth. What's more amazing is the pen in his hand. What's like, and what's like, and what's all about Tibet! How can Zhuoma forget him when he loves Tibet so much? Therefore, the East has always been in Zhuoma's heart, because the words of the East always ring in her ear, and she is determined to learn something.